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    Come in and try our delicious, healthy items such as wheatgrass, superfood smoothies, and juices.


    We use 100% organic produce in all of our drinks, as well as ancient herbs and spices used to promote health and well-being.

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    It’s easy being green at LIFEbar!


    With our wide selection of organic produce, superfoods and adaptogens, we can help keep you happy and healthy throughout the year. Just ask our resident frog the next time you stop in!

  • wheatgrass


    Have you tried a shot of our wheatgrass yet?


    High in antioxidant Vitamin E and chlorophyll, wheatgrass can provide a great boost in energy.It’s also a source for trace minerals, promotes blood flow and circulation as well as aids in the purification of blood.

  • grand_opening

    The Highlands came out to celebrate our grand opening at 1570 Bardstown Road last November.


    With local musician Andrea Davidson entertaining the masses, patrons enjoyed free raw food and samples of our organic beverages.

Why take Adaptogens? Why not take Adaptogens should be the question?

Why take Adaptogens? Why not take Adaptogens should be the question?

Life Bar wants to share why they are providing these herbs to the public because people need to know what these herbs can do for them on a daily basis. Below we explain the benefits and the story of are herbs, but most of all why we incorporate these in are daily life. We are going to talk about Cordyceps, Reishi, He shou wu, Eucommia, and eluthero. Life bar wants to say that all are herbs are extract and not just the grounded up herb. Are extract ratio ranges from 10 to 1 all the way up to 16 to 1 so these herbs pack a punch?

The benefits of taking herbs that are adaptogens is to increase overall well being these herbs are not only for physical health, but are great for mental clarity as well. Take the herb cordyceps which is a fungus grown in Nepal and the upper highlands of Nepal. This fungus is also called winter worm because it grows and feeds off caterpillars. Among the numerous species Cordyceps sinensis is the most famous due to its curing properties. The Chinese discovered its power many centuries ago, having noticed that sheep, grazed on Cordyceps, were stronger and healthier. Traditional herbalists began using the fungus for curing many diseases in humans. Cordyceps was believed to be a cure-all herb, able to fortify all the body systems, providing anti-aging, immune boosting, and strength increasing effects. This mushroom was especially popular for its ability to improve male sexual function, working as an aphrodisiac. Its influence on the human organism was often compared to that of ginseng. In Life Bar we recommend this herb to anyone wanting to improve overall health, but people who are just wanting to get in better shape Cordyceps helps by building lean muscle I have a friend Hayward swears cordyceps has increased his performance. I take cordyceps for the immune properties that are in this fungus.

Start the day off with a shot of wheatgrass

Chase Barmore of Life Bar explain why he starts the day off with a shot of wheatgrass.

Drink Your Health: Life Bar Shares the Benefits of Superfoods and Tonic Herbs


Drink Your Health:

Life Bar Shares the Benefits of Superfoods and Tonic Herbs

Food is the source of life. What a person consumes can affect him or her on a daily basis-- physically, mentally, or spiritually. What one consumes regularly can work for them, or against them. Because of this, it